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Hey, I'm glad you found your way to my website about creating art with my daughter, Rose, along with other little people I teach Conservation. Welcome. Hopefully it'll add a splash of colour to your day. 


Drawing, colouring and painting are great ways for children to express themselves especially if they haven't mastered the art of speech yet. The mind of a child is a magical place full of adventure and when translated through art, the results can be enchanting. We have so much fun doing this together and each picture tells its own, often higgledy piggledy, story. I hope you enjoy looking through our doodles and as much as we have done creating them.


Resulting from my workshops Teaching Children Conservation Through Art in nursery schools, I've just helped Mad Hatters win their first ever Award for doing so. Please visit ‘Conservation Workshops’ to find out more.

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Diana Littlejohns

London, UK

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Feel free to check out the doodles Rose and I have created together. We hope they'll add a splash of colour to your life.


I lead workshops where I

Teach Children Conservation Through Art.

Latest Updates 


I'm a creative person born with a passion for art which I seem to have passed onto my little girl. Teaching young children the paramount importance of Conservation and how to look after our planet better so that all life forms - humans, flora and fauna - can continue to thrive for future generations, is something we can do through drawing and painting and is essential to the success of our being.


Nurturing the relationship between Children's Art and Conservation is my quest. It's the sentiment behind the art that can be the learning.


My work background is in PR and I have a degree in Anthropology BSc from UCL which I found fascinating as it enabled me to focus my interests in Man’s Early Art, Conservation, Human Ecology and Primatology.

I learnt the ropes and honed my writing skills at, in my opinion, London's best PR agency

https://www.profilepublicrelations.com and outside this, I continued to develop my passion for art by taking courses at Peridot Earrings Wire Wrapped Natural German Peridot Dangle and Drop Gemstone Ea. Skills I hope will make this an enticing website for you browse.

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"Diana prepares these sessions with obvious great care and thoughtfulness. She delivers them at just the right level for our pre-schoolers, and while she talks about creatures and animals that are endangered, along with what the children can do to help, we observe the impact these workshops are having on our children from the 'WOW' moments that happen during, and after, the workshops. Diana has a very respectful, caring attitude towards the children and they respond by soaking up the important information she's giving them. With the way Diana is teaching them conservation, the seeds that are being planted in their minds today will surely bare fruit in years to come and indeed help conserve our planet"

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Mrs Elaine Chiverton
Owner of Mad Hatters Nursery

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